This is the official Parish Council web site of the All Saints Parish Council.

Located in the picturesque villages of All Saints, Alston, Churchill, Smallridge, Coaxdon, South Common, and Waggs Plot, in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty of the Blackdown Hills, near Axminster, Devon.

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Greater Exeter Strategic Plan (GESP):

A new consultation exercise has been launched which invites members of the public to submit their views as to the proposed Strategic Plan for the Greater Exeter area up to 2040. Comments will be accepted until 10th April 2017.

This consultation aims to gather evidence and views relating to housing and employment provision in the wider Exeter area. There is also a "call-for-sites" element whereby any person(s) with land suitable for development can submit details for further consideration within the remit of the plan.

Planning clinics - Following changes to the EDDC planning procedures for Parish Councils, the fortnightly planning clinic at the Village Hall will end with immediate effect.  Any parishioners or residents wishing to make representations to their elected Councillors about planning matters or planning applications are respectfully asked to attend the next scheduled meeting of the Council where an opportunity to speak / discuss such matters will be provided, either before or during the meeting.  These meetings will be publicised beforehand on this website and on the Village Hall Noticeboard - Clerk. 23.2.16

The SHLAA was a technical exercise in gathering information about possible development site choices.  The SHLAA took into account over-arching considerations such as flooding concerns or achieving acceptable highway access; but it did not make a rounded planning judgement as to whether a site should be developed. The SHLAA formed a database of possible site choices we could choose to draw from when proposing sites to allocate for development. The SHLAA has been superseded by the EDDC Local Plan and is now considered defunct and carries no legal weight in planning terms.


Planning Applications – We as a council will obviously need to assess and respond to any planning application we receive (and potentially any subsequent appeal) in accordance with the recently adopted EDDC Local Plan (as modified).


Planning Policy – The adopted EDDC Local Plan has determined ( after guidance from the Planning Inspectorate ) that All Saints Parish - in its entirety - is designated as "unsustainable" and therefore any future development is subject to stringent and restrictive criteria. This decision has been made to prevent any significant new building projects in the Parish but it also removed the BUAB's ( Built Up Area Boundaries ) that previously existed. The Parish Council is considering re-commencing the Neighbourhood Plan process which would allow parishioners to take an active part in determining any future planning / development growth within the parish limits. (AUG16)












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HEWITT, Malls Orchard, Smallridge, EX13 7LY

18/0816/FUL - pending  -  Construction of single storey rear extension, porch to front, alterations to bay windows.

LIGHTFOOT,  Knights Farm, Knights Lane, EX13 7LS

18/0642/FUL - pending  - Replacement of Conservatory, raise chimney, level garden.

LIGHTFOOT,  Knights Farm, Knights Lane, EX13 7LS

18/0670/FUL - pending  - Amendments to prior approval - 17/2886/FUL.

JONES/BELL, Rusland Lodge, All Saints, EX13 7LX

18/0267/FUL - pending  - Constr. side and rear extensions, new porch and first floor balcony.

BURROUGH, 7 Goldsmiths Lane, All Saints, EX13 7LU

18/0241/FUL - approved  -  Single storey rear extensions w. alterations.

LIGHTFOOT,  Knights Farm

17/2886/FUL - approved with conditions  -  Alterations and extension of buildings to create garage, store and holiday accommodation and erection of replacement mower shed

WALKER & LODGE, Undercleave Farm, Smallridge,  EX13 7JN

17/2300/FUL and 17/2299/LBC - approved with conditions - Listed Building Consent and Various works proposed to main building and outbuilding and annexe

SOMERS, Colston Farm, Colston, EX13 7NF

17/2432/FUL & 17/2433/LBC - approved with conditions - Demolish existing extension and construct single storey rear extension

TURNER, Axe Farm

17/1617/FUL - approved with conditions - Constr. Slurry Lagoon

ROWE, Martins, Knights Lane, All Saints

17/2793/FUL - approved  -  Constr. rear single storey extn. and 2 no. dormer windows on rear slope.

COVEY/MOORE, 5 Waggs Plot, EX13 7NG

17/2399/FUL - approved with conditions - Construction 2 storey rear extension with garage

FLOYD, Rogues Roost, Churchill

17/1640/FUL - approved  -  Constr. single storey extension to side elevation

ROWE, 6 Waggs Plot, EX13 7NG

17/1634/FUL - approved  -  Porch, extension and garage

RILEY, The Old Chalk Pit, Churchill

17/0573/FUL - approved  -  Pitched Roof

LIGHTFOOT, Knights Farm, Knights Lane, All Saints

17/0655/FUL - refused - Alteration to dwelling, and barn, conservatory, rooflights

COCKRAM, 15 Waggs Plot

17/1173/FUL - approved (retrospective) - Revisions to previous consent (16/2037/FUL)

HERROD Porch Farm, Smallridge

17/0669/MFUL - approved with conditions  - Agricultural Livestock Building

LIGHTFOOT, Knights Farm, All Saints

17/0656/LBC - approved with conditions - Alteration to existing dwelling and attached barn  ( see also 17/0655/FUL )

GOLDER, Little Orchard, Smallridge

17/1160/FUL - approved - Porch Extension

WILLIAMS, Flashmans, South Common

17/1078/FUL - approved - Single storey extn.

WILTSHIRE, Forboys, Smallridge - Rear and Side extension

17/1087/FUL - approved - Rear and Side extension

TINKLER, Greenhaven, Alston

17/0872/FUL - approved with conditions  - Side extension & Outbuilding

HILLSDON, Knights Lane, All Saints

17/0875/FUL - approved  - Extension and Loft Conversion

GALVIN, Higher Colston Farm, Colston, Axminster

16/1915/FUL - approved - Proposed Conversion of Barn to Dwelling

GALVIN, Higher Colston Farm, Colston, Axminster

16/1916/LBC - approved - Proposed Conversion of Barn to Dwelling

Land opposite Ridgeway Inn, Smallridge

16/2317/RES - approved with conditions  -  Reserved Matters Application

BANKS, Dommetts Farm, Alston

17/0563/FUL - approved with conditions  -  Alterations to roof height, carport, single storey extension

WILTSHIRE, Forboys, Smallridge

17/0557/GPD - prior approval refused -  Rear Extension

RILEY, The site of former Chalk Pit, Churchill

17/0429/VAR - withdrawn - Variation of condition 7 of permission 13/0605/COU - Stable Block - to incorporate proposed plans

FERRIS, Martins, Knights Lane, All Saints

17/0252/FUL - approved  - Construction of Dormer on rear roof slope

COCKRAM, 15 Waggs Plot

17/0278/FUL - approved  - Alterations to planning consent 16/2037/FUL

HEATH-COLEMAN, Spindlewood, Knights Lane, All Saints

16/2930/FUL - approved  - Construction of Partial First Floor

TUCKER, Yarde Farm, Churchill

16/3030/AGR   -  approved  -  Siting of Polytunnel

The Cider Barn, Fordwater Farm, Tytherleigh

16/2300/LBC - approved  - Replacement of exterior door in G2 listed building.

COCKRAM, 15 Waggs Plot

16/2037/FUL - approved - Proposed Extension and front / rear alterations.

SHORT, Chubbs Farm, Alston

16/1876/FUL - approved -  construction agricultural shed (1)

SHORT, Chubbs Farm, Alston

16/2060/FUL - approved  - construction agricultural shed (2)

REDWAY, Yarde Farm, Churchill

16/1210/COU - refused - Retrospective planning application for Change of Use to Orchard and retention of Yurt onsite.

HOARE, 18 Waggs Plot

16/1790/FUL - approved - Proposed erection of conservatory.

FEENEY, Chestnuts, Goldsmiths Lane, All Saints

16/1776/FUL - approved  - Creation of Link extension to ancillary building.

Adjoining parish - Hawkchurch:

Land East Of Wadbrook Farm Wadbrook  

Comments requested.

15/0645/MFUL - appeal approved with conditions - Installation of ground mounted photovoltaic solar arrays with transformer stations, internal access track, biodiversity enhancement, landscaping, fencing, security measures, access gate and ancillary infrastructure.  For details: click here

HOFFMAN, Malls Orchard, Smallridge

16/1145/VAR  -  approved with conditions  -  Variation of Planning Conditions to 13/2705/FUL.

REMMINGTON, Applecroft, Knights Lane, All Saints

16/1114/FUL - approved -  Construction side extension to property.

ROBERTS, 3 Goldsmiths Lane, All Saints

16/1240/FUL - approved -  Construction of Extension and Porch.

TUCKER, Yarde Farm, Churchill

16/0806/LBC - approved - Conversion Barn and Piggery, Addn. Rooflights, Demolition Porch, New Conservatory     LISTED BUILDING CONSENT.

Adjoining Parish, Axminster Town Council ( Applicant )

15/2447/FUL - approved - Creation of Footpath between Weycroft Manor Farm & Weycroft (plus associated works).

ROEHRIG, Land rear of Malls Orchard, Smallridge

15/1239/FUL - appeal dismissed  - Construction of new dwelling and garage.

BARRATT, Porchfield, Smallridge

16/0023/FUL - approved  - Raise roof height to enable first floor accommodation and construction of single storey rear extn.

All Saints Primary School

15/2675/LBC - approved - Installation of tie-bar and pattress plates on SE gable.

RAGGIO, The Cottage, Goldsmiths Lane, All Saints

15/0032/FUL - appeal dismissed - Restoration/Conversion of building (former dwelling) to create a dwelling.

RIGGS, Land to rear of Porch Farm, Smallridge

15/2350/FUL - approved  - Construction of new agricultural storage barn.

TUCKER, Yarde Farm, Churchill

15/2387/LBC - approved - External and internal alterations to listed building.

ELLIS, Alston Farm, Alston

15/2175/LBC - approved -  External repairs, improvements and maintenance to listed building.  

DYER, Ballards Down, Smallridge

14/2336/FUL - appeal allowed, with conditions  - Creation of 2 No dwellings.

ELLIS, Millers Hay, Alston

15/2073/FUL - approved -  Installation of domestic sewage treatment facility.

BAULCH, Ridgeway Inn, Smallridge

15/1956/FUL - refused - Change of use of part of existing restaurant to managers accommodation.

FAY, The Annexe, Coaxdon Farm, Axminster

15/1474/FUL - approved - Proposed porch replacement & additional windows.

FEENEY,   The Chestnuts, Goldsmith Lane

15/1643/FUL - approved  - New garden room with link.

FEENEY,   The Chestnuts, Goldsmith Lane

15/1298/FUL - approved  - Change of use of agricultural land to facilitate construction of domestic access.

WAKLEY, Newberys, South Common

15/1527/FUL - approved - Construction of balcony and alterations to roof of approved first floor extension on front elevation (14/2910/FUL).

MOORE - Mourino, Goldsmith Lane

15/0925/VAR - approved  - Removal of Conditions 2, 4, 7, 9 & 10 of 07/0982/COU - change to a single dwelling.

BETTERTON, Chestnut Cottage, Goldsmith Lane

15/1075/FUL - approved  - Replacing existing barn with garage/store.

MAHEY, Nutshell, Knights Lane, All Saints

15/1185/FUL - approved  - Construction of 3 No roof dormers with 'Juliet' balconies.

BAULCH, The Chapel, Smallridge

15/0434/CPE - approved - Use of former chapel as  an independent residential accommodation without required link to public house.

TUCKER, Battleford Hall, All Saints

15/0438/FUL - approved - Erection of Agricultural Building.

HARDY, The Old Chapel, Churchill

15/0498/VAR - refused - Removal of condition 2 of 07/1085/FUL - Holiday let to permanent residence.

RAGGIO, The Cottage, Goldsmith Lane, All Saints

PRATT, Clappergate, Churchill

15/0181/FUL - approved  - Conversion of workshop/store to holiday accommodation with flue.

BATEMAN, Overbrook, Smallridge

15/0297/FUL - approved - Erection of ground mounted photo-voltonic array

WAKELY, Newberys, South Common

14/2910/FUL - approved - Erection of two story side extension.

BAULCH, Ridgeway Barn, Smallridge

14/2409/FUL - approved - Erection of single storey extension on northern elevation and construction of pitched roof dormer on southern elevation.

FAY, Coaxdon Farm Barn, Chard Road, Axminster

14/1890/VAR - approved - Variation of condition 2 and of condition 3 of application 93/P1912 for use of holiday let as an annex.  Condition Nos 93 (2&3) - Change of Use from 'Holiday Lets' to domestic residence.

DYER, Ballards Down, Smallridge

14/2146/FUL - approved - Conversion of garage to holiday let (retrospective)

RISSO-GILL, Thatch End, Smallridge

14/1541/FUL - approved - Erection of garage and studio.

DYER, Land south of Ballards Down

14/1311/FUL - withdrawn - Erection of new two storey dwelling.

WHITE, Bramblings, Smallridge

14/0406/FUL - approved  - Construction of Garage

BARRETT, Tussocks, Goldsmith Lane

14/0202/FUL - approved - Construction of 2 storey extension to form annexe accommodation.

BETTERTON, Chestnut Cottage, Goldsmith Lane

14/0140/FUL - approved - Construction of first floor extension.

ROEHRIG - Land adjacent to Malls Orchard, Smallridge

13/2705/FUL  -  approved  -  Construction of two storey dwelling

Hilltop, Smallridge

13/2535/CPE - approved  - Use as two separate dwellings

WOODS, Land adjoining  High View, Smallridge

13/2479/FUL - approved - Retention of rebuilt agricultural implement store, retention of calf rearing building, and retention, modification and completion of hay barn

CONNELL, Land adjacent Poppins, Goldsmith Lane

13/2424/FUL - refused - Erection of dwelling including change of use of land

MANNING, Myrtle Cottage, Smallridge

14/0075/FUL  -  approved - Single & 2 storey extensions

WHITBREAD, Maple Tree Cottage, Alston

13/2506/LBC - approved - Construction of replacement single and two-storey extension - click here for details

SULLY - Catmoor Farm, Goldsmith Lane

13/2127/FUL - approved  Construction of agricultural covered yard

GIBBINS - Colston Bungalow, Colston

13/2042/FUL - refused  revision of Plan App 10/0988/FUL - to raise height by 1m and install roller door.

RAGGIO,  The Cottage, Smallridge Lane

13/2037/FUL - withdrawn    Replacement dwelling  /  Appeal Ref:  APP/U1105/A/14/2217939 - Raggio, The Cottage, Goldsmith Lane - Dismissed

SHORT, Chubbs Farm, Alston

13/0975/FUL - approved    Replacement agricultural building

SPENCER, Pendle, Knights Lane, All Saints

13/0985/FUL - approved    Construction of double garage

LENCH,  Laburnum Cottage Smallridge

13/1894/LBC - approved    Re-thatching of main roof and associated works

BAULCH, Ridgeway Country Hotel, Smallridge    

 13/0923/OUT - approved    Land opposite Ridgeway Inn, Smallridge -  Outline consent for construction of 5 dwellings (including 2 affordable units) and associated access (details of access and layout to be considered). click here for more info. click here for amended plans etc August 2013.  Follow link, then see latest entries in ‘documents’.  Full copy of planning committee document (Sept 2013) recommending approval: click here  Recommended approval:  document 2   -  click here

Site of former chalk pit & quarry, Churchill

13/0605/COU - approved   Change of use of land & stable to b/craft workshop & ancillary parking. Re-siting of access

WOOD, Land South Of Mayfields Smallridge

12/0016/CPE  - Appeal dismissed - refused    Application for a lawful development certificate for an existing use as a scrapyard.  Planning appeal notification:  click here  The hearing took place on Tuesday 14 May 2013 - click here for details.

KETTLE - Franklins, Smallridge  

13/0488/FUL - approved    Construction of extension and erection  of boundary fencing

FELLS, Sutton Cottage, Alston

12/2430/COU - refused - appeal lodged   Change of use of land to domestic garden

SEWARD, Oak Rise, Smallridge

12/1841/FUL  - approved   Construction of single storey rear extension

HERROD, Land at Porch Farm, Smallridge   

 12/0767/FUL  - approved   Construction of Agricultural Workers' Dwelling  

DYER, Ballard Down, Smallridge

11/2510/FUL  - approved   Construction of detached dwelling